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Nissan Navara (+2015) NP300 D23 RHS TJM Airtec Snorkel

TJM Airtec snorkels are well sealed with an air box well above water level, to enable water crossings and all round improved air flow for your engine. This snorkel kit suits Nissan Navara NP300 DX – RX narrow body vehicles. A must-have upgrade for any 4WD enthusiast, our snorkels allow deep water crossings and hassle-free air induction when immersed in dust. In addition to 4WD benefits, our snorkels offer greater fuel efficiency and less air filter clogging by taking advantage of cooler and cleaner air at roof level compare to air at bonnet level. Our snorkels are designed and engineered in Australia for uncompromised performance.


  • NISSAN NAVARA NP300 08/15-11/20 DX-RX 2Dr C/C & P/Up
  • NISSAN NAVARA NP300 08/15-11/20 RX King C/C & P/Up
  • NISSAN NAVARA NP300 05/15-11/20 RX 4Dr C/C & P/Up