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  • Team Magic provides the best shock absorbers, springs and vehicle accessories for saloons, hatchback, trucks and 4×4 vehicles; specifically designed for African roads by the suspension experts with over 30 years’ experience.
  • Original Equipment springs are generally too low for Africa hence all Robs Magic springs are raised.
  • Our shock absorbers, springs and vehicle accessories come with a solid 1 year Warranty or 30,000KMS.
  • We also offer free bumbstops.
  • All our shock Absorbers are fitted free of charge at our premises.
  • Our Bull bars are manufactured exactly to the standards laid down by TJM Australia and are the ONLY CERTIFIED AIR BAG COMPATIBLE Bull bars made in EAST AFRICA meeting AS4876-1-2002 Australian Standards for Vehicle Frontal Protection System.
  • All our 4×4 Accessories and RMD accessories have been engineered to the highest quality, these products have been approved and exported to Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Sudan, and Rwanda among others.
Important Information About TJM Bull Bars And Your Safety

A good-quality quality bull bar will assist in the frontal protection of your vehicle from animals and wayward drivers, plus it will also protect you when truly off-road. A good-quality bull bar will absorb most impacts and protect the parts of the car that matter while providing an essential base for mounting other important off-road kit – winches, light bars, LEDs and antennas.

Why You Need A Good Quality Bull Bar?


One of the most important things is how the bar is attached to the chassis, and whether the airbags will still deploy at the same rate.

  • TJM Bull Bars’ mounting systems are specifically engineered to allow the airbag sensors to operate normally and trigger the airbag function on collision.
  • TJM employ independent testing authorities who conduct extensive virtual software based, static pendulum and dynamic on-car crash impact tests on airbag compatible products to confirm the frontal and protection systems are safe, effective and AIRBAG COMPATIBLE.


  • Rigorous testing is done to ensure that the crash-rate characteristics of the vehicle haven’t been affected by having a bull bar on the front.


  • All TJM bull bars are designed and tested in Australia and feature a quality designed and engineered patented mounting system to ensure the bull bar is securely fastened to the safest and strongest parts of the chassis, and to ensure they work the way we know they need to when in use. There are no shortcuts along the way.
  • While other bull bars may look like the real thing on the outside, appearances can be deceiving.
  • Poorly designed mounting system may not handle winching loads and cause damage to the bull bar and/or vehicle. The same poorly designed mounting system and lack of proper testing may result in vehicle damage through everyday use due to lack of sufficient clearance between the bull bar and vehicle especially true on our roads.
  • TJM Frontal Protection Systems are tested and proven to be able to withstand more than reasonable loads during winching operation, with the mounting system rated to loads of up to 12,000lb.
  • A well-designed bull bar will also absorb the impact of a collision with a 100kg+ animal and, in doing so, protect the vehicle’s occupants.
TJM Bull Bars Tests’ Videos
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TJM Bull bar Airbag Compatibility test
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TJM Bull bar Recovery points test
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TJM Bull bar Extreme Testing
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TJM Bull bar Dynamic Flex Test
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TJM Bull bar Articulation Test
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