We are distributors of T-max winches. T-max winches are quality products that have stood the test of time. T-max winches have been thoroughly tested in Australia in the 4×4 and industrial winch market for over 15 years.

Ideal for off-road use especially on occasions where recovery is needed with enough heavy duty power and reliability to handle tough situations.

    Features Include:

  • Waterproof Solenoid
  • Low Amp Waterproof Gear Box
  • High Efficiency Waterproof Gear Box
  • Softer Wire rope low noise brake
  • MuscleLift EW-12500

    Winches & winch accessories

    MuscleLift EW-12500

    Name: T-max Musclelift 12500lbs 4WD electric winch
    Load: 12500lbs
    Control: Remote Switch
    Weight: 38kgs
    Motor: 12v 6.6hp
  • MuscleLift EW-9500

    Winches & winch accessories

    MuscleLift EW-9500

    Name: T-max Musclelift 9500lbs 4WD electric winch
    Load: 9500lbs
    Control: Remote Switch
    Weight: 35kgs
    Motor: 12v 6.6hp