Quality Control Manager(1 Post)

Reporting Line:Production Director
Location:Mlolongo Township.
Application Deadline:Open

Job purpose:

To give assurance to customers and the company that goods produced are of the required standards, providing quality Management system guidance to the production team and direct production staff to meet the set quality parameters .Minimize products quality related wastage/defects and any other loss emanating during production processes by proposing and implementation of continuous performance improvement processes.

Key responsibilities and accountabilities:

  1. Develop company quality management policy and review every year as part of company commitment to quality matters.
  2. Design Process flow charts and standard operating procedures (SOPs) for each stage of production and ensure staff follow them.
  3. IImplement products traceability processes that helps deal with quality issues, validating processes by establishing new and existing products specifications and quality attributes.
  4. Train new and existing staff on quality matters and the company general quality Management system .Evaluate the effectiveness of the training every six months and give a report.
  5. Undertake materials testing and sampling of items during production and keeping records of the same. Develop quality checks sheets for each production section. Promptly raise quality issues with the Management to be addressed.These records will form part of a quality manual to be maintained by the Quality Control Manager.
  6. Every Six Months, review the whole quality management system and submit a report to the Director highlighting any dysfunctionalities and giving recommendations for improvements.
  7. Involved in the investigation of production re-works, products rejections, customers complaints. Develop corrective action plans with the Director and oversee its implementation. Sign off all goods produced by the company as “quality assured” before they are stored/dispatched.
  8. Design products blueprints using Autocad software’s and operation of the CNC machine and oversee its full roll-out phase. Maintain a soft and hard copy gallery of prototypes done.
  9. Highlight quality control points, setting quality performance goals for each section and giving monthly reports on the same.
  10. Enforce any other quality control system that may be introduced by the management.
  11. Undertake other duties as may be assigned by the Management.

Job position requirement:

  1. Hands on work experience in Quality control Management systems in Auto accessories manufacturing /vehicles body building.
  2. Insightful knowledge of techniques involved in metal fabrication, vehicle parts fitment, welding, CKD assembly, spray painting/powder coating and sandblasting, ROPs and other fabricated accessories.
  3. Ability to use CAD software and CNC system, interpret drawings and jobs briefs.
  4. Bachelor degree in Mechanical engineering/Management Science/Quality Management system. Quality Management system or performance improvement systems certifications e.g. ISO, Kaizen.
  5. Good communicator, able to give feedback and enable upward/downward communication. Excellent problem solving skills, curious and good eye for quality.
  6. Ability to meet deadlines with timely updates on progress.

Interested applicants to send their CV and cover letter to careers@robsmagic.com. Please indicate your expected salary on your CV.